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You work the way you want with Kantree. A new project management platform that's so flexible, intuitive and easy to use that you get back what you lost with all the other platforms out there: your freedom.

Try Kantree for free!
Kantree vs. the world

Kantree's clutter free, highly visual, totally customisable design means that you and your team can use it and get things done with maximum efficiency. Built with agile values at core, its unique visual approach allows you to see your workflow and manage it in realtime.

It means more freedom for you: try it for free, you'll see...

MS Planner
Custom Fields
limited support
Analytics & reporting
Ready to use workflows
Advanced workflows
Intuitive kanban boards
Easy to configure
(unless you're an IT wizard)
Flexible and accessible to all
Realtime collaboration
High user engagement
Calendar view
Editable table view
Available On Premise
Try it for free: you'll see...
Cyrille V.
Scrum Master with Orange S.A.

"We use Kantree everyday with my team to manage our agile project. The flexibility and the possibilities that it gives mean that we improve our working modes as we need to."

Lorin H.
Barcraft United

"So far this beats the pants off of all other solutions we've used and is closest to merging a CRM with a modular Kanban system."

Paul C.
National Extension College

"I've tried a lot of Kanban and project management tools looking for something that would fit for my systems development work. Most are either too IT oriented (Jira, Yodiz and the scrum tools) or they are too simple (Trello). Nothing I've tried comes close to your approach. I think you have a really great starting point there."